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Terms of Service and Confidentiality Policy


Protection of Personal Information

Novo Studio inc. takes all necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of all the personal information it gathers and acts according to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Personal Information. Only necessary information is gathered or asked.

Only authorized personnel may have access to your personal information, but only when it is related to their tasks and duties.

Deleting your data

To delete your personal data, you must fill out a request via the "Contact us"form. Your nonessential data will be deleted, and your account will be deactivated. Note that we may need to keep certain statistics on the content that you have completed for your employer in the course of your employment, as these statistics must remain accessible to them.

Information collected with an email and password account

Upon registration with an email and password account, the following information is collected: your first name, your last name, your preferred language of use, and your email. You must also choose a password; note that you will be the only person to know it. If you lose your password, you will need to choose a new one by using the "Forgot your password?" function.

Information collected from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft accounts

When you sign in with these accounts, we collect non sensitive data such as your first name, your last name, your preferred language, and your email in order to allow your administrators to identify you on the platform. Data collection on these external authentication services is done through the OAuth2 API using non-sensitive scopes.

Purposes for which your personal data are used

The reasons for which the personal data mentioned above are collected are: to identify you, to ensure that you are authorised to access the platform, to allow your employer to identify you (only if you have been invited to register by your employer), to link training statistics and content consultation to your identity and, if applicable, to issue your certificates. In addition, if applicable, your employer may use training statistics to comply with one or more laws on workforce skills and training, depending on their jurisdiction and whether the content viewed qualifies or not.

Information Security

Security softwares, administrative instructions, surveillance as well as activities which promote awareness and vigilance among our staff all ensure the confidentiality of personal information.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to provide communications security on all transations.

Your personal information is transmitted in a form of electronic communication which is numerically encrypted to guarantee the confidentiality of the transmitted data.

Notice Regarding Content

It is important to always ensure that a task or equipment is compliant, always refer to the legislation in force in your jurisdiction.