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Innovative online training solution

Novo Studio allows you to offer your employees continuing OHS training in a fun and stimulating way.

Development of OHS training course and video briefs

New content is constantly being added to our platform. Novo Studio is North America’s only smart training platform for OHS.

Development of wellness training sessions and video briefs

Wellness training sessions and video briefs will be available soon.

Custom content creation*

Depending on your needs, Novo Studio can develop tailor-made training courses for your company.

Add your content to the platform*

Has your company already implemented online training tools? Novo Studio will host them so that you can find everything in one place and track them efficiently.

*These services are in addition to the cost of the annual subscription.

Benefits of Novo Studio

Novo Studio provides huge benefits. Whether you're a large or small business, you'll find what you need in this online learning tool. Preventing accidents at work has never been easier.

Provide effective and fun OHS training to your employees, all at an affordable price commensurate with the size of your company.

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Could be eligible under the Act to promote workforce skills development and recognition

  • Less money and time invested in training

  • Available on all platforms, anywhere, anytime

  • Adapted pricing to your company

  • Optimal retention of the information by your employees

Boost your company's profitability

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