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Reduce your risk of accidents in 5 minutes!
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Because prevention is learnt, the clips aim to teach the preventive behaviours to adopt when performing a task, for example: manual handling of loads. Short and fun, they allow you to train your employees quickly and efficiently!

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Learn about a topic in less than 60 minutes
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Let's face it, OHS training can quickly become monotonous and boring. Hard to believe, but with Novo Studio, your employees will have actually fun completing the WHMIS 2015 training. Optimize your training dollars today!

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The list of satisfied Novo Studio clients is long! More than 1,600 companies of all sectors and sizes trust us. Why not you?


Novo Studio is not only the preferred tool for the prevention of accidents, but also for ensuring better performance and profitability.

The annual subscription allows you to access our learning platform as well as all of its training content and online clips with no user or usage limits. The cost of the subscription is based on the number of employees in your company.

  • Less money and time invested in training

  • Adapted pricing to your company

  • Available on all platforms, anywhere, anytime

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